Lot # 1: The Finest Joe Jackson Signature Extant On a 1916 Voucher/Check w/Family Provenance – Graded a PSA Mint 9/Full JSA LOA

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No baseball player signature is more exalted than the immensely rare script of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson with only a handful of the iconic Jackson autograph surfacing in the hobby every several years. Unquestionably, legal document signatures of this legendary slugger most likely fall within the “ten or less category” due to his well-documented illiteracy that made it excruciatingly difficult for him to sign his name. For that reason alone, Jackson signatures are near impossible to find, with the few known specimens depicting horrific penmanship/shakiness. Furthermore, while PSA and JSA have provided LOA’s on a handful of Joe Jackson scripts on bats, baseballs and album pages, we could never know with 100% certainty that these Joe Jackson signatures were irrefutable penned by the immortal “Shoeless Joe”. True, while most vintage autograph require a “leap of faith” based on the collector’s level of trust for the superior 3rd party graders as well as their self-knowledge base for a particular player’s script, a more comfortable scenario is typically encountered with a LEGAL document related signature. Common sense as well as experience tells us the actual player, indeed, signed any pertinent legal document, justifying why this extraordinary PSA Mint 9 Joe Jackson signed voucher may reside as the finest Joe Jackson signature extant! Incredibly, the Joe Jackson signature on this 8-1/2” x 3-1/2 inch sized voucher is the boldest Jackson signature we have ever encountered, with his classic unstable script situated near the lower right quadrant. Dated March 6, 1916, Jackson is making a $75 payment to the “Savannah Reality Investment Co., Ga. for a mortgage payment towards his newly purchased $10,000 home in Savannah, Ga. Chicago White Sox secretary Harry Grabiner prepared this voucher for Jackson to sign, and we would assume Grabiner completed the remaining notations on this timeless artifact. The $75 most likely was deducted from Jackson’s monthly salary, and an endorsement ink stamp for the Savannah Reality Investment Co. is situated on the verso. Of utmost significance, however, is the pinnacle like Joe Jackson signature that, to the best of our knowledge, resides as the SOLE PSA Mint 9 Jackson script on any existing document! Well documented is the fact that around 1990, a few Joe Jackson vouchers were purchased from his baby sister Gertrude. Of the utmost significance is that most of those vouchers include severe bank cancellation holes DIRECTLY through Joe Jackson’s sanctified signature, with THIS breathtaking memento escaping the punch-hole damage and meriting the ultra-rare PSA “Mint 9” grade! Further enhancing the desirability and value level of this seemingly “priceless” offering is its ironclad provenance based on Joe Jackson’s personal affairs during that era. In Jackson’s definitive biography titled “Say It Ain’t So, Joe – The True Story of Joe Jackson” (written by Donald Gropman), in 1916 Jackson purchased a home on the Savannah, Georgia waterfront for the then staggering price tag of $10,000. Joe’s little sister Gertrude (see above) and mother joined him and his wife Katie to live there, with Joe and Katie only living there during the offseason since he played in Chicago. This voucher was prepared by the White Sox team secretary (Harry Grabiner) as partial mortgage payment for Jackson’s home; utilizing Jackson’s salary as leverage for the payment. Tragically Jackson was banned from baseball forever for, allegedly, taking part in throwing the 1919 World Series. In lieu of this, Jackson was never placed in the HOF; however, due to the “Black Sox” scandal, his popularity has increased profoundly. Joe Jackson’s iconic stature will “echo for eternity” with able assistance from the many nicknames and slogans he is famous for including the aforementioned “Shoeless” saga, the “Say it ain’t so Joe” quote when a young fan hollered this at Jackson when leaving the courtroom, and the majestic “Black Betsy” bat drenched in tobacco juice he used so often to scorch a baseball, arguably, harder than anyone who ever played the game. Ty Cobb insisted Jackson was the finest natural hitter he ever saw, Babe Ruth modeled his swing after him, and more than one player claimed, if blindfolded, you can always recognize the unique “crack of the bat” when Jackson hit a baseball. For all of these legendry reasons, Jackson carries as much weight in the memorabilia market, if not more than any other player, and what better heirloom to own than this possibly finest Joe Jackson script. As previously stated, while several other Joe Jackson vouchers and legal documents exist, NONE can possibly match the awe-inspiring aesthetics of this unequivocal offering that has avoided any bank punch holes, and via its irrefutable family and Jackson autobiography provenance, does not leave a “shred of doubt” with respect to its original Joe Jackson Mint 9 signature. The most advanced autograph collectors are saddled with the daunting task of ultimately capturing a Joe Jackson signature that eludes “circumstantial” evidence, and this world-class offering is one of the few Jackson autographs undeniably penned in his immortal hand. For all of those reasons, we highly advise any sophisticated autograph or Joe Jackson enthusiast to seize this extraordinary keepsake that will unquestionably provide unparalleled bragging rights to its fortunate new owner as well as unlimited investment potential! - PSA Mint 9/Full JSA LOA  

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